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Build Your Personal Affirmation Prayer

An affirmative prayer (also known as Spiritual Mind Treatment) is a five step process. It is recognition of Spirit´s Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence, and a realization of humanity´s unity with Spirit… (Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind textbook, pg. 149). This process guides your mind and heart to construct your personal truth and bring it forth into an affirmative prayer you can print and carry with you or post it nearby for insight and inspiration. *We do not collect or store any information that you enter here.*

Step 1 - Recognition

We begin every Spiritual Mind Treatment with Recognition that there is One Life, and that Life is God. You may call God by any other name that makes It clear and personal to you, such as: Spirit, Universe, Allah, Buddha, Infinite Mind, the One, the Force, Light, or any other term that feels real to you. Begin with a statement recognizing God, such as: "I know there is an Infinite Spirit that I call the Universe." or "I recognize the One as the power, the presence, and the love of All That Is."

Step 2 - Unification

In the Unification step of Spiritual Mind Treatment, we affirm that the same Spirit that God is, we are. We are OF God — Divine emanations. Since God is all there is, there can be nothing outside of God, and no one separate from God. And so we realize and declare our Oneness as spiritual beings. After you do the above Recognition step, make some simple declaration of your unity with the Allness of God, such as: "I know that I am One with that Infinite Mind." Or "I recognize my unity with All That Is."

Step 3 - Realization

In Step 3 of your Spiritual Mind Treatment, you want to Realize the qualities or attributes of God which you want to embrace within yourself—to call forth in your own consciousness. These are the Divine qualities inherent within you which want to become more conscious OF. And so you might want to say something like, "I know that the Divine qualities of peace, power, plenty, and wisdom are already within me. I embrace them now." Or, "All that God is, I AM. I step forth into my true Divinity, saying yes to my own prosperity, guidance, order, harmony, and love.

Step 4 - Thanksgiving

Step 4 of your Spiritual Mind Treatment is Thanksgiving. An attitude of gratitude is essential to establishing a new intention in our lives. In giving thanks, we are declaring that it is already done. We are grateful for it. It is so. In your Thanksgiving step, you may want to say something like "I am so grateful for the revelation of this spiritual Truth in my life." Or, "It is with great gratitude that I accept this transformation of consciousness for myself."

Step 5 - Release

In Step 5, the Release step of your Spiritual Mind Treatment, you let go and let God. You are turning your affirmative declaration of Truth entirely over to Infinite Love, Spirit, the Allness that is God. It is a very important step, because as long as you hold on to it, nothing can take place. You may want to simply say, "I release. I let go. I let the Spirit do Its perfect work." Or, "I trust the Universe to provide for me. It is done. It is so." Or, "And so it is! Amen."

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