What is the primary goal of Life Coaching?

To develop and implement strategies which enable clients to reach their personal performance and satisfaction goals.

How do I become one of Bryan's clients?

The quickest way to be considered is by completing and submitting Bryan's confidential online Discovery Questionnaire. Once reviewed and received, he will contact you to schedule an initial discovery session, which is about 30 minutes in length and is free of charge. At the end of the initial session, the decision to become a client (or not) will be mutually agreed upon with yourself and Bryan.

What does Transpersonal  coaching / counselling mean?

Based upon Transpersonal Psychology, which is a form of psychology studying the transpersonal (beyond the mask or beyond the person) self-transcendent, or spiritual aspect of the human experience, Transpersonal coaching / counselling sees the client first as a spiritual person having a physical experience. 

How are Bryan's Life Coaching sessions different from psychotherapy?

Bryan's Thought Destiny Life Coaching sessions focus primarily on accomplishing future goals versus psychotherapy which focuses on past issues. In addition, traditional psychotherapy-based counselling helps clients resolve mental and emotional health issues (e.g., clinical depression), whereas Bryan's products and services aim to help emotionally and mentally healthy individuals achieve life and business goals / objectives. 

Does Bryan Arndt prescribe drugs or diagnose medical / mental health conditions?

The quick answer is "no".

Bryan Arndt (aka Reverend Dr. Bryan / Dr. Bryan Arndt / Bryan Arndt, PhD) does not prescribe drugs, diagnose medical/mental health conditions, nor does he provide therapeutic treatment for such conditions. Bryan is not a licensed mental health care practitioner and therefore does not practice psychotherapy. The methods Bryan uses are all non-therapeutic in nature.

In addition, Bryan is a member, in good standing, of the International Metaphysical Practitioner's Association (IMPA), as well as International Church of Metaphysical Humanism, and he is obligated by law to abide by the high ethical standards of IMPA, and as a legally ordained minister with ICMH, is also obligated by Canadian / provincial laws to report situations where there is a potential for harm to be caused (e.g. self-inflicted), or where harm has been / is being caused.

Are there other services provided?

At this time, the only wellness related service Bryan is performing is Life Coaching. It is expected that once his next book The Francis Affirmations is released, that he will expand his practice's programs and services.

I am not quite ready to complete and submit the Discovery Questionnaire, yet I have one or two additional questions. How can I contact Bryan?

You can email Bryan via the Connect page.

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