Awaken. Be the best for the world.

Ours is a New Thought community whose guiding principles and spiritual practices incorporate a combination of many faith and non-faith traditions including: Buddhism, Unitarianism, Christianity (e.g., Matthew 22:39), Spiritual Humanism, The Science of Mind, and the universal ethic known as The Golden Rule

Ours is a New Thought faith based spiritual and wholistic healing and wellbeing community organization deeply committed to raising humanity's level of consciousness.


By encouraging individuals across our common home to Imagine Believe Create a better is possible healing and wellbeing reality for themselves, the ones they love, the rest of humanity, as well as all life sharing the only home we have.

Why do we need this? Why is this important? Why now?

Our planet is on an unsustainable trajectory. It is imperative we get our violent and divisive past out of the way, replacing it with a Divinely Inspired co-created peaceful, respectful, and loving future.

Together let us Awaken to be the Truth and Love our world desperately needs, always choosing to be the best for the world in all ways.

Our Self-Discovery journey as individuals, communities, societies, and nations begins with a common belief, an already understood undeniable Truth that: Love is, at the centre of everything. ~#arndtism / Excitatio.

And so it is. Amen and blessed be.

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