Today, give your whole self permission to wipe the slate clean.

Today, give your whole self permission to focus on what matters to you, including your joy.

Today, give your whole self permission to #BeAnUnlimitedYou!

Are you tired of the past getting in the way of your future?

Do your thoughts stop you from living and loving your life your way?

Are you ready to welcome more joy, purpose, and abundance into your life?

If you have answered yes to one or more of the questions yet feel unsure of where or how to begin to develop or implement strategies which will empower and enable you to reach your personal goals and objectives, then I encourage you to complete and submit a Discovery Questionnaire today. After carefully reviewing it, I will connect with you to arrange your FREE 30 minute Life Coaching / Spiritual Counselling consultation.


Reverend Dr. Bryan Arndt (aka Dr. Bryan, Bryan Arndt, PhD) does not prescribe drugs, diagnose medical / mental health conditions, nor does he provide therapeutic treatment for such conditions.
Dr. Bryan is a certified Master Life Coach / Spiritual Counsellor / Transpersonal Life Coach - Dr. Bryan is not a licensed mental health care practitioner, and therefore, does not practice psychotherapy. If you feel you require psychotherapy, please find a local practitioner. 
The methodologies used by Dr. Bryan / Thought Destiny Wellness are non-therapeutic in nature including: transpersonal (the whole person) life coaching, spiritual counselling, general personal transformation programs, as well as the use of positive suggestion, visualization, meditation, and other relaxation and alternative health / wellness techniques.