Every thought you have ever had has designed your now. #arndtism

How bold of a statement is that?

Yet, I encourage you to think about it, for indeed you are where you are as a result of something you thought about yesterday, last week, last month, or even one or more years ago. You are here now with all that you have and are because of a series of thoughts generated in your past. These thoughts are both vivid and recent memories, as well as being a collection of thoughts deeply buried in your sub-conscious mind.

So, how is all of this working out for you? If your answer is a loud and enthusiastic "great!", then that is fantastic.

However, if your answer is a soft "sigh" of indifference, then I encourage you to do what you need to do to redefine your desires. Why is this important? For starters, being clear about the things you want enables the universe to deliver them back to you. In other words, focusing on want you want and sending those intentions / petitions / prayers out into the vastness of the universe has the power to redesign your future.

Believe in this fundamental truth: You have the power to redesign your entire life. Within you is the ability to attract as well as to be grateful for more of what you do want, versus that which you do not want.

How does this work? I call my Law of Attraction technique Thought Destiny. It is less about where you are and what you have right now, and more about the future you have the courage to co-create with Spirit starting right now!

If you have follow-up questions or would like to learn more about Thought Destiny, please <Connect> with me today.


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